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Butt Injections Top 5 Methods

Butt injections is a type of butt augmentation procedure which is minimally invasive than butt implants. There are different types of solution used, but the main goal is to make the butt look well formed, and more defined. The advantage of butt injections is the results will look more natural compared to the implants. Furthermore, the procedure is quicker, the recovery of the patient is faster, and minimal scarring will be produced. Another advantage for those that will undergo liposuction for the fat injections is the fat that they do not desire will be removed and transported to another part of their body which is the buttocks.

Types of butt injections or the most common solution used

1. Fat injection

This is also known as the Brazilian butt lift and one of the most popular methods of butt augmentation via injection. For this procedure, the doctor will ask the patient where she wants to remove excess fats. The common sites are the abdomen, thighs, and back. After they agree, and the patient is deemed fit for the procedure, the fat in those areas will now be removed, purified, and injected in the buttocks. In about 4 weeks, the patient will get the go signal from her doctor to return to work. What made it so popular are the fact that excess fat will be removed, and the shorter recovery time.

2. Hydrogel injections

This procedure is still illegal in the United States, though the market is still thriving. The patients who want to undergo this usually go out of the country, or search for doctors who will do it to them regardless of the illegal status. The solution used is comprised of 97.5% water, with a small amount of Polyacrylamide. Majority of cosmetic surgeons will not recommend this procedure because there were a lot of cases where the client had several complications. The solution is still unregulated, and for that matter, the clients are not sure if it is safe for use, or if certain contaminants are already present. The thing is this is cheaper than most butt injections, not to mention the client can easily buy their own Hydrogel kit in the black market. Doing so will endanger their lives because no matter what they say, they are not trained with these things, and the buttocks is also very sensitive.


This is the shortcut for polymethyl-methacrylate. One of the most known brands of PMMA is the Artefill. This is another type of filler that is actually approved by the FDA in the United States. But although this is the case, a lot of people have second thoughts when having this procedure because the cost is very expensive. The client may pay more than $100,000 and of course, that will still depend on the amount to be used for the enhancement. The more the client wants to improve her buttocks, the higher the expense she has to shoulder making it very impractical. That is why a lot of people prefer to have this done outside the country because it is much cheaper.

4. Silicone Butt Injection

Silicone is one of the most common materials used for butt implants, but it also comes in liquid form, and some practitioners may use it for the butt injections. This is not advisable because though the solid form is approved by the FDA for cosmetic reasons, the liquid one is still illegal. They have a good reason for this though. The liquid form of Silicone may move to other parts of the body. It can also cause the formation of inflamed tissues which is not good for the person involved.

5. Unbranded

Of all the solution used, this is the most dangerous and may lead to severe complications or death. Unlicensed practitioners who perform butt injections will often use unbranded solutions which they do not even recognize themselves. What is their reason? Their agenda is to con the patient because they want to have money. They do not care about the well-being of the client and will not accept any responsibility. That is why a person should be wary of the solution to be injected in their body.

Who is a good candidate for this type of procedure?

Both men and women are a good candidate for butt injections provided that they have a sound body. This procedure is highly recommended for those that have tried dieting and exercising to no avail. People who are unsatisfied with their behind are usually the ones who seek this procedure. The client should not be taking any drugs that will interfere or cause great harm to their health upon conducting this procedure. People who are suffering from severe medical conditions are also not advised to go through with this.

What should a patient expect from this procedure?

The patient who will undergo this is expected to have a fuller, formed, and well-defined butt a few weeks or months after the procedure. Before this process, the doctor will mark the areas to be injected as a guide. Then they will ask the patient to disrobe. The anesthesia will be given making the client unaware of everything that is about to happen. Butt injections will only last for 1 to 2 hours maximum so clients need not be stressed that they will be out for a while. Afterwards the compression bandage will be applied to help her recover. Recovery period will last for 2-3 weeks at maximum. That is why this procedure is favored by most, because the down time is relatively short. Swelling and redness will be seen, but it will be gone after a few days. Discomfort will also be felt, but it will not hinder with any activities the patient will perform.


When looking for a doctor who will do this procedure, make sure that he has all the required papers to show. The person should know what he is getting into because he can get several complications. Follow the doctor’s advice after the procedure to be able to have a fast recovery.