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Booty Shots

Undergoing Booty Shots Through Unlicensed Hands

A lot of people have suffered from deformation of a body part, complications that affected their health, and even death because of the desire to enhance their buttocks. That is because they used unregulated products with the belief that if they utilize it by themselves without the help of a professional, they will get to save money. This also happened to other patients who sought out the assistance of someone, but unfortunately the person who helped them is not licensed and made everything worse. Because of this, patients who want to undergo booty shots are encouraged to ask the practitioner for proof that he is experienced and have sufficient knowledge with the procedure.

What patients should take note of when they want to undergo booty shots

The location of the procedure

This kind of procedure should be done in a legitimate clinic, or hospital. When a practitioner asks a client to meet him in a hotel, motel, inn, or any other location that seems suspicious for undergoing the procedure, this is a surefire sign that the practitioner is unlicensed. If anything goes wrong, the patient will not be able to contact the practitioner for help because she does not have the official place for business. Meaning, no one will get blamed or be responsible for anything that happens to her.

The cost

Booty shots are quite expensive. The reason behind this is the anesthesia to be used cannot be bought cheaply, the solution is a bit pricey, not to mention the doctor will also add his own fee for the service done. That is why if a client is to be offered a relatively small amount in exchange for the procedure, then this may not be legit. Doctors will not offer a super low price for this procedure because the cost of the materials to be used alone is expensive. To determine what the acceptable prices are, just check the internet for comparison.

The practitioner

Before dealing with anyone, it is best to check out the other person involved. This means that the client who will undergo booty shots should research the doctor first. Check if he has a permanent place of business, if he is certified, and if previous clients recommend this person. The Internet is a great source of information, if the practitioner is a liar and have conned other people before, chances are there is someone out there who will raise a red flag against this person. Read forums and ask around, the client can also ask the practitioner himself for a copy of his papers proving that he is legit. Then check if it is really valid.

The type of product to be used

It would be safer if the client knows the solution that is going to be injected on her body. A person can never be too sure if that may potentially harm her or disfigure her in the end. The type of product says a lot about the practitioner. If the solution is not labeled, or if the practitioner cannot explain thoroughly what it is, then do not go through with it.