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Butt Enhancement Injections


The Solution To A Small Bum

Butt enhancement injections like the Hydrogel is favored by many because of the astounding result it gives. Hydrogel is a kind of filler made-up of 97.5% water and the remainder which is comprised of Polyacrylamide. The Hydrogel is injected underneath the skin or muscle where it will be placed for a specific period of time. Some doctors who perform this will tell the patient that the effects are permanent, while others will argue that it will last for a maximum of 18 months only.

When used as butt enhancement injections, the Hydrogel will mold the buttocks, as well as give it more definition making it fuller, and much noticeable. Most people commend this type of procedure because of the minimal recovery time. Even the procedure is relatively short; it will only last for 1 to 2 hours. After that, the client is advised not to sit directly on her posterior part. Usually the day after the procedure, the client will experience minimal pain and discomfort, coupled with a minor bruising. With other more complicated butt enhancement procedure, the client is required to rest for a couple of months. With the Hydrogel injection, the patient will get to return to her work after a month. Some women will first have the procedure done, then if they are not satisfied, they will have the doctor perform it again, until they reach what they are aiming for or what looks good for them.

Other types of butt enhancement injections

Silicone- Liquid Silicone is approved by the FDA of the United States, but for ophthalmic use only, and not for cosmetic purposes. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery keeps advising people not to use the liquid Silicone for increasing the butt size, or other cosmetic uses. But sadly a lot of people, especially women still undergo this hoping that their buttocks will look more attractive in the process. The liquid form of Silicone may move to other parts of the body, or may migrate making it very dangerous. It can also form granulomas or inflamed nodules in the tissue. Because of this, it is definitely not recommended as a liquid form, though it is used widely for implants when it is solid.

Brazilian butt lift- People who want to lose fat while having big buttocks prefers this procedure. Liposuction will be conducted; fat will be removed from different parts of the body, then injected to the buttocks itself. The common areas of fat removal involve the thighs and the abdomen. What makes it so great for some people is the liposuction involve. Like the Hydrogel, this also has a faster recovery period, and the patient will have less scarring.

Polymethyl-methacrylate- This is approved by the FDA in the U.S, and this is actually popular in Europe. The cost of this procedure can start with $100,000 which is why not everyone is qualified to have it. Do not lose hope tough, there are some people who will perform it for a cheaper amount outside the States, but the airfare should be shouldered by the client alone.