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Butt Injection

As people age, everything starts to sag, and this includes the buttocks. A person can diet all she wants, or go to the gym, but sadly, sagging is the price of aging and a lot of people are dreading this. Buttock implants is one of the solutions for this, but it is very expensive to have, not to mention the recovery period is long, so someone undergoing this would have to take some time off from his work which can cause a lot of inconvenience. There is another option which is a lot cheaper than implants, and the recovery period is also quick.

Introducing the butt injection, this is also known as the butt lift injection and a type of butt augmentation procedure. Some doctors utilize Macrolane, a new filler which is often used for increasing the breast size. They are now using it for a butt lift injection procedure. The practitioner will inject the solution to the sides of the buttocks giving it the lift it needs. Other clinics also perform treatment using radio frequency. It tightens the skin, smooth out the cellulite, and encourage the production of collagen so the butt will look firmer and younger looking.

Why do some people go with this type of butt injection?

This is cheaper than having implants, and some people are scared of using Hydrogel injections. For this procedure, a local anesthetic is used and most people prefer that. Also, a person undergoing this procedure does not need any stitches, or longer periods of rest.

What other procedures require the use of Macrolane?

Aside from a butt injection, Macrolane are used for breast augmentation. It is also utilized for the restoration of a body surface because it will make it smoother and more even, so people who have undergone an operation and ended up with a scar will love this.

How is the butt injection procedure done?

The procedure takes place in a clinic, and the area should be sterile to prevent contamination leading to infection. That is why the patient should really research hard before subjecting herself to this procedure lest she want to have complications in the end. The procedure itself will only take around 1 to 2 hours to complete, this will also depend on the amount of the solution used to enhance the buttocks. A person who will undergo this procedure should have a health body and not taking any medications that will counter the effects or cause greater harm when this is performed.

Who will perform this procedure?

Only licensed physicians who had ample training, knowledge, and experience regarding Macrolane should perform this. Not everyone is qualified so beware and look for proof of license.

How much should a patient pay to have this procedure?

This will depend on the quantity of the solution used, the enhancement, and of course the fee of the doctor who will perform it. Typically, licensed doctors will not charge anything for the initial consultation. Be wary of practitioners who offer this for a fraction of the cost.