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Butt Shots

Butt shots, also known as butt injections or buttock fat injections are a type of buttock augmentation that has minimal invasiveness compared to butt implant. This procedure involves liposuction that will remove fat from several locations of the body coupled with fat injecting in the butt area. The great thing about butt shots is the results are astounding because the behind will look more natural. The procedure is also quick, as well as the recovery period of the patient and the client will be most satisfied because there is minimal scarring. Another thing that makes this procedure favorable for most people is the liposuction involved. If the person undergoing this wants to get thinner, or get rid of fats on certain areas, then it would be like hitting two birds at once.

Who can undergo this procedure?

Both sexes are recommended for this type of procedure, especially if they are not satisfied with their buttocks and would like to enhance it. Most women and men who go with this are not happy with the buttocks they are born with. Others have tried exercising and dieting to no avail, some even lost their butt size because they suffered from a disease where they lost weight. Butt shots is a great solution for their problem and for this reason, this is widely popular throughout the world. Before the procedure, it is a must that the person involved is not sick, or taking any drugs that would increase bleeding. People who do not heal well are not recommended for this.

What to expect with this procedure?

At first, there would be swelling in the butt area, but this would subside after a couple of days. Then the buttocks will look significantly fuller and more defined. Because of this the confidence of the person who have undergone this will also increase because she now has the desired buttocks.

What Anesthesia will the doctor use?

The doctor will recommend the ideal anesthesia to be used for the procedure. A person can choose from the general type, or the epidural. If the former was selected, the patient will sleep throughout the whole procedure, while the latter will simply cause numbness to the specific part involved. It is best to go with the doctor’s decision as he knows what works best.

How fast is the recovery period for the Butt shots?

Do not worry because the discomfort will subside after 2 days. A compression bandage will also be used to help the patient have a faster recuperation time. This is also useful for maintaining the right shape of the buttocks. If pain is experience, medication is always an option; of course the doctor is the one to prescribe the correct one with the right dosage. 2 weeks after the procedure, the compression bandage will be removed, but the patient is strongly advised not to sit directly on his butt. The great thing is after the swelling have subsided and the compression bandage was removed, the patient can go back to work.