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How to Get a Big Butt?

Because of Jennifer Lopez, having a big butt is now widely accepted, and even desired by most women. They think that a person who has a significant behind is sexy, not to mention they can get the guys easily. For this reason a lot of women are asking how to get a big butt, do not worry because everything is covered here.


Exercise will not only give the body a great shape, it will also allow the buttocks to have more definition. To start off, do some cardio. A person can either jog or run in the neighborhood, or she can even purchase a treadmill for home use. If this is not an option, it would be best to enroll in the gym instead.

Squats are also a good exercise for the butt. Like other parts of the body, the buttocks will also need some exercise in order to gain size, and the squats are a great training to achieve this. A person can either do squats with a barbell, dumbbell, or if she can manage it, a deadlift. Of course this is better performed under the presence of someone who knows what he is doing like a gym instructor to prevent accidents.

Some people think that exercise is a bore and will not help at all on how to get a big butt. But a thing they must remember is the butt is a muscle which needs exercise. Hey, even celebrities do it.

Eat the right food:

Athletes and bodybuilders eat the right food in order to gain the desired mass for specific areas of their body. To get a big butt, a person should also consider their diet or what they put into their mouth. Protein is the go-to food to build more muscle. Food rich in sugar should also be eliminated from the diet. If this cannot be helped, minimize the intake.

Wear the right pants:

A great step on how to get a big butt without the need for exercise is wearing the correct pants. This can do wonders for the body, which is why before purchasing it, proper fitting and good decision should be made. Some pants can even be worn with butt pads that will show the silhouette of a person’s body. But keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution to having a small butt. It is also best if a friend can accompany the person needing these pants as her companion will be able to tell her if it looks good for her butt shape.

Get a surgery:

The cost for this is higher, and the procedure may cause discomfort, but the effects are astounding. A lot of people, even celebrities are turning to surgery to have a well-defined behind. There are a lot of options to choose from so research should be conducted first. Talk to a surgeon about this decision and see what they can offer. From there, a person can simply select the best choice for her.