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Hydrogel Injections

Hydrogel injections are one of the most well-known procedures that women undergo in order to have buttocks that people will notice. This process only takes around 2 to 3 hours and is considered an outpatient procedure where the doctor will inject the Hydrogel solution into the patients behind. The solution consists of a polyacrylamide and about 97.5 percent of water. Until now, some doctors are disputing the permanent effects of the Hydrogel injections procedure. According to a renowned plastic surgeon, the effects of this procedure will only last for 72 weeks so it might be better to consider having a butt augmentation with fat injection instead because it is more consistent.

In the United States, these injections are illegal because of the quality of the solution. They are not usually regulated, and they do not know if the solution was even contaminated or contain other toxins that may pose as a huge danger to the person about to undergo this process. Even though this is the case, some people still continue to use it because of the benefits they wish to get. What they do is they purchase a self-administered Hydrogel solution that they use without any assistance from a doctor or someone who knows what he is doing. Of course there are still a small percentage of doctors who do this procedure in the States, but the result is often unfavorable.

The process itself is very short compared to other procedures. The doctor who will do it will ask the patient regarding what part she wishes to improve using the Hydrogel injections. Some patients even bring photographs of their desired result, like those of a Hollywood star, or any buttocks they want to have. The doctor will then prepare the necessary materials to be used like the Hydrogel solution, and will also instruct the patient to expose her behind. Afterwards, the doctor will insert the canulla by creating a small incision in the patient’s skin, and then the Hydrogel is injected.

Patients will experience multiple injections in different parts of her buttocks. The doctor upon injecting the Hydrogel solution should massage that particular area to help shape it. This process is really needed because not doing so will not form the right shape the patient desires. Compression bandages are also utilized to help the patient heal; this is usually wrapped for a maximum of two days. The patient will only feel a minimum amount of pain during the Hydrogel injections procedure. She is expected to recover fast, though swelling, redness, and shape irregularity can be seen on the area where the procedure was performed. The results can be seen in two weeks time.

Cost of this procedure:

The cost will usually depend on the doctor who is performing the procedure, the price of the anesthetic, the solution to be used, and even the location where it would be performed. For example if a patient chooses to have it done outside the country because it is illegal in the States, then she would have to shoulder the travel fee and everything associated with it. Some doctors, especially those who perform this underground will not charge high, but the patient is not sure if the Hydrogel used is safe at all.

Side effects:

As stated earlier, after the procedure the patient will not feel a lot of pain, but there would be swelling and redness in the area, though this will usually subside a few days after the process. Other minor side effects include loss of appetite and nausea. Patients would have to watch out for side effects that includes a drop in their heart rate, severe muscle weakness, and weight loss. Some people complain of permanent scarring that makes their behind look unattractive, stretch marks may also be seen. Other clients even experience nerve damage due to the sensitivity of the buttocks and the unregulated solution used. This nerve damage may end up in paralysis, or in worst case scenario, death. That is why people are advised to think hard before undergoing this procedure.